Group leader

Ioannis Kominis

Iannis Kominis

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, University of Crete

Iannis received a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens in 1996. He then went on to  obtain a PhD in  Physics at Princeton University. After completing  a one-year  military  service  he  went back  to  Princeton for  a  post-doctoral appointment and then to a  second post-doctoral  position  at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Since 2004 he is a faculty member at the University of Crete.
Citation info on Iannis’ publications can be   found at Google Scholar and a full curriculum vitae in the following link.

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Group members

Kostas Mouloudakis

PhD Student

Manos Petrakakis

Masters Student

Konstantinos Saliaris

Undergraduate Student

Nikos Tsatrafyllis

PhD Student

Kyriacos Vitalis

PhD Student

George Vlachakis

Undergraduate Student

Elpida Palieraki

Undergraduate Student

Theodore Kyriakakis

Undergraduate Student

Antonis Margaritakis

Undergraduate Student

Rafaela Giappa

Undergraduate Student

Alexandra Zisimopoulou

Undergraduate Student

Theodoros Ilias

Undergraduate Student

Former members

Alexandros Tavernarakis

Alexandros did his undergraduate thesis with our group, he then went on for PhD on quantum opto-mechanics at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris.

Georgios Katsoprinakis

Georgios did his Masters and PhD research with our group, he then went on for post-doctoral work on precision polarimetry with cavity enhancement at FORTH-IESL.

Argyris Dellis

Argyris did his undergraduate, Masters and PhD thesis with our group, he then went on for post-doctoral work on chip-scale cold atom systems for use as time standards and inertia sensors at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.

Michael Kritsotakis

Michael did his Masters thesis with our group, he then went on for a one-year extracurricular activity at the greek army before joining the Physics Department of the University of Sussex for doctoral work on quantum metrology.

Kostis Tsampourakis

Kostis obtained his Masters degree working in our group.